Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearls are short, straightforward clinical recommendations that you can easily integrate into your daily practice.

Clinical Pearls are published by Kaiser Permanente's department of Clinical Improvement & Prevention. For more information, contact the Pearls managing editor at

These recommendations are in print-friendly PDF format.

May 2019
Benzodiazepine tapering (PDF)

April 2019
Aspirin in ASCVD prevention (PDF)
Imaging decisions in the setting of closed head injury (PDF)

March 2019
Pap pointers (PDF)

February 2019
Osteoporosis: Preventing the next fracture (PDF)

January 2019
How should we treat patients with gout? (PDF)
How should we deal with hyperuricemia in patients without a gout diagnosis? (PDF)

December 2018
Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs): fast facts for PCPs (PDF)
Discussing opioid use with chronic pain patients — this tool can help! (PDF)

October 2018
Preventing sports burnout and overuse injuries in youth athletes — focus on fun and diversification first! (PDF)

August 2018
Choice of insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes (PDF)

June 2018
Pediatric asthma: Initial assessment and first steps in the young child (PDF)
Pediatric asthma: Chronic asthma management and special considerations in the adolescent (12-18 years) (PDF)

May 2018
Talking about diets (PDF)

April 2018
Headaches: What not to miss, when to image, how to reassure (PDF)

February 2018
Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): HIV prevention for at-risk patients (PDF)

December 2017
Cough tips for cold and flu season (PDF)

October 2017
The beta agonist paradox: Why Albuterol overuse is dangerous (PDF)
Treat-to-target protocols for type 2 diabetes: When to use Empagliflozin (PDF)

September 2017
Asthma diagnosis in four easy steps (PDF)

July 2017
It's time to stop using cranberry products for UTI prevention (PDF)

June 2017
Talking about fall risk and urinary leakage with seniors (PDF)