Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy

Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy works closely with patients and providers to manage high-cost medications that require close supervision and monitoring for serious chronic conditions. These medications often have high out-of-pocket costs and require special storage and handling.

Patients on specialty medications need much more than just a pharmacy that dispenses drugs. They need a coordinated program like ours that offers specially trained pharmacists, ongoing patient and medication evaluations, and open communication with both patients and physicians.

With more than four million prescriptions dispensed annually, Kaiser Permanente Washington is widely recognized as a leader in pharmaceutical services. Our focus on prescription effectiveness, patient safety, and cost stewardship is key to our management of specialty medications and all our pharmacy services. At the heart of our program is a team of specialty pharmacists and pharmacy technicians dedicated solely to managing the medications associated with your patients' conditions. We work together to optimize treatment outcomes and to help improve their quality of life.

How you benefit

Coordinated care

We review all patient medications for potential interactions, assess possible side effects, and monitor for treatment efficacy. In short, we are partners in your patient's care.

Medication adherence support

We schedule regular follow-up calls with your patients to support adherence and treatment success. We're constantly on alert for potential drug interactions, medication side effects, and possible care gaps. Should any problem arise, we will be in direct contact with your office.

Easy patient enrollment

The specialty pharmacy team is available via phone, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except major holidays), at 1-800-483-3945. Prescriptions can be called in or faxed to us directly at 1-800-340-4230.

Referral forms are required for Hepatitis C and Hizentra. Links to these forms are listed at the bottom of this page. Please complete the applicable patient referral form and submit it via fax to us at 1-800-340-4230.

We'll assist in benefits verification and prior authorization if needed, assess appropriateness of treatment, onboard the patient, and coordinate medication shipment.

How your patients benefit

Patient advocacy

In addition to providing education about medications, possible side effects, and drug interactions, our specialty pharmacy team is in regular contact with your patients to evaluate adherence and coordinate monthly delivery of medications.

Financial assistance

A significant number of our patients use financial assistance to help with their cost share. We increase access to their specialty medications by providing contact information of available financial resources. Of note, once a more cost-effective therapeutic alternative of a specialty product becomes available, we will work with you and your patient to transition them to that product.

Convenient refills, no shipping costs

Depending on patients medicine, patients can order refills on their own or our team reaches out to patients about 7 days before refills are due. Refills typically occur once a month. Patients have the option to pick up refills at a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy, or get them mailed at no additional cost.

24/7 access

Patients can contact our team by phone from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except major holidays). They can also send us secure messages by signing on to their account at kp.org/wa. We answer questions about medications, potential drug interactions, side effects, and any new symptoms. If any clinical problems arise, we will contact your office directly. Your patients can call our 24/7 Consulting Nurse Service at 1-800-297-6877 with any urgent medication concerns outside of our specialty pharmacy operating hours. On-call nurses, physicians, and pharmacists are available as needed.

NOTE: Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy may only provide services to Kaiser Permanente WA region members and Kaiser Permanente members from other regions that are visiting Washington state.