Follow-up care with a specialist

The specialist's office may need to contact our Review Services Department to obtain prior authorization for the situations listed below.

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Emergency room

If a specialist provides consultation for a member in an emergency room (in person), regardless of the provider's contract status, the specialist may be able to see that member for appropriate follow-up care with prior authorization, if necessary.

Request for authorization of follow-up care will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine medical necessity.

An emergency room specialist may refer a patient directly to an ophthalmologist or optometrist for care, regardless of the specialist's contract status. The scope and length of that authorization will be determined by a clinical review of the request.

Inpatient care

Contracted specialty physicians in a member's network who have consulted on a patient during an inpatient stay are allowed appropriate follow-up care with the patient in accordance with our authorization guidelines, provided that care begins within 30 days of the hospital discharge.

Non-contracted or non-network physicians who have consulted with a patient during an inpatient stay can see the patient for consultative follow-up care — for the purpose of transitioning care to a network provider — provided that care begins within 30 days of the hospital discharge.

The patient's primary care provider or contracted specialist may need to submit a request to authorize any additional visits to both contracted and non-contracted specialists.

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