About the drug formulary

The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (P&T) develops the Kaiser Permanente drug formulary, the cornerstone of medication therapy, quality assurance, and cost-containment efforts. The formulary is a list of medications that are usually covered under a member's pharmacy benefit.

Both the Kaiser Permanente and Kaiser Permanente Medicare Part D Drug formularies are searchable. You can download the commercial formulary to your smart phone or access it online through Epocrates. You may also request a hard copy of the formulary from Member Services.

To make formulary recommendations, contact your district medical director or a Kaiser Permanente clinical pharmacist.

The committee regularly reviews new and existing medications in all therapeutic categories and selects the most cost-effective agents in each class based on safety, efficacy, and cost to ensure that the formulary remains responsive to the needs of members and providers. You can review the decisions made at the most recent committee meeting in the quarterly Formulary Decision Highlights.

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