Home birth maternal and newborn medical records

We require you to submit maternal and newborn medical records and information to us. Please include the mother's Kaiser Permanente member ID number.

RecordSend ToTime Frame
Initial home birth screening assessment (regardless of acceptance for care)Primary care providerImmediately after assessment
Informed consent signed by the contracted midwife and the Kaiser Permanente memberPrimary care providerUpon acceptance for prenatal care and home birth
Maternity records including consult summaries; laboratory and radiology reports; and maternal prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum records describing the results of examination, diagnosis, treatment provided, and anticipated future treatment needsPrimary care providerThird day following delivery
Additional maternal postpartum visit recordsPrimary care providerWithin 10 days of mother's final postpartum visit
Newborn records including labor and delivery summary (including Apgar scores and birth weight); summary of newborn care services; newborn progress notes; all maternal prenatal records, including maternal blood type and antibody screenNewborn primary care provider or pediatric specialistThird day following delivery
Any newborn records not included in the initial record submissionNewborn primary care provider or pediatric specialistPrior to newborn's practitioner visit at 7-10 days

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