Mental health medication and service requests

In most cases, members should be referred to their primary care providers or personal physicians for medical care or consideration of psychotropic medication. Personal physicians will refer to the Mental Health Access Center (MHAC) for specialty care if needed.

When a primary care provider is seeing a member and the complexity of the case warrants the care of a psychiatrist, call the Mind Phone toll-free at 1-888-844-4662 for a clinical consultation, or call the Mental Health Access Center directly toll-free at 1-888-287-2680 (206-901-6300) to request a psychiatric referral.


When prescribing, use our drug formulary. To ensure coverage, please refer members with mental health drug benefits to a Kaiser Permanente-designated pharmacy.

Lab work and urinalysis

Prescribing practitioners may order lab work through our approved labs.

We cover urinalysis (UA) lab requests only when clinically necessary. UA can be used to verify assumptions in the course of treatment planning when a member is showing symptoms of continued substance use. We do not cover UA when requested by a court, school, parent, employer, or other entity for investigative purposes.

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