Population-based care

Kaiser Permanente has many population-based programs and services for members with similar clinical characteristics, such as diabetes, heart health, and depression. Kaiser Permanente continually evaluates the need to develop additional population-based care programs.

Our population-based approach allows us to identify members in priority populations and then to partner with their practitioners to offer a variety of services. Each population-based program has measurable goals and plans for improvement which include:

  • Defining eligibility criteria for the identified population
  • Developing evidence-based guidelines
  • Designing measurement methodologies to track organizational performance
  • Developing tools to assist practitioners in caring for these members, such as registries, panel reports, pamphlets, and other self-management tools

We automatically enroll members when they are identified and will inform you of their participation. If you would like to enroll a member in one of these programs, contact your Provider Services or health plan consultant or email kpwa.provider-services@kp.org.

A member's secure online account also offers self-management support tools, health education, and other resources.

Kaiser Permanente develops an annual quality and safety program description to guide its clinical improvement work. For more information, including a description of Kaiser Permanente's quality program and a report on progress in meeting its goals, contact your Provider Services consultant.

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