Women's health care services

Infertility treatment is an exclusion on most plans. Large groups may purchase a benefit to provide coverage for treatment of infertility and sterility. Self-funded plans may elect to track the benefit differently, if they choose to purchase a benefit. Check the Evidence of Coverage to confirm the benefit.

Women's health care services including maternity care, covered reproductive health services, preventive services (well care) and general examinations, gynecology care, and follow-up visits for the above services (check the member's Evidence of Coverage to understand limitations in this area) may be obtained from Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser Permanente network providers without prior authorization. Providers include general and family practitioner, physician's assistant, gynecologist, certified nurse midwife, licensed midwife, doctor of osteopathy, pediatrician, obstetrician or advance registered nurse practitioner.

The member's primary care provider or personal physician must manage other health conditions, coordinate care, and arrange for referrals to subspecialists.

If the provider diagnoses a condition that requires hospitalization or a referral to another specialist, the member or the provider must obtain preauthorization and care coordination in accordance with applicable Kaiser Permanente requirements.

For other women's health care resources, see abortion services.

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