Communicating with our members

As a Medicare Advantage Organization (MAO), Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington is required to adhere to numerous state and federal guidelines regarding marketing and communication with our enrollees (42 CFR 422.2268, 423.2268, 422.2262, and 423.2262).

In the event of any co-branding activity by Kaiser Permanente and any provider, such provider agrees to comply with the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines with respect to all marketing materials related to such co-branding activity with Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente is ultimately accountable for all provider communications to its enrollees. To ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, all proposed provider communications must be submitted to Kaiser Permanente for review and approval prior to mailing. Additionally, Kaiser Permanente may need to submit the materials to regulatory bodies to obtain approval prior to use.

In order for Kaiser Permanente to have adequate time to review and respond to your request, please submit draft provider communications at least 60 days* in advance to:

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington
Provider Relations Compliance
PO BOX 34262
Seattle, WA 98124-1262

Provider Relations Compliance will notify you in writing once your request has been received and once a final determination has been made.

*In some instances, it can take Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) up to 45 days to review and render a decision.

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