Faxing medical records

Faxes must be in accordance with confidentiality guidelines and governed by the same authorization requirements as any other release of health care information. Information disclosed should be limited to the minimum necessary to meet the need.

Contact information should be included on the cover sheet. Verify that the information being sent and recipient's fax number is correct.

You may release a member's medical records via fax in the following situations:

  • Between Kaiser Permanente providers, including contracted providers, as necessary to support patient diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment
  • Between Kaiser Permanente and non-contracted community providers as necessary to support patient diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment
  • Between Kaiser Permanente facilities, business or operations units, and business associates to support care, operations, and quality oversight (such as for HEDIS or clinical review)
  • To third-party payers as required for certification of hospitalization

Requests for medical records to entities not described above can be directed to the Kaiser Permanente Release of Information Department.
Western WA - Phone: 866-656-4184 - Fax: 877-848-6896
Eastern WA - Phone: 509-241-7824 - Fax: 855-414-1751

Confidentiality language

When transmitting patient information by fax, the cover sheet should include a confidentiality statement, such as the below:

The documents accompanying this facsimile transmission may contain confidential information belonging to the sender that is protected by Washington state and/or federal law. This information is solely for the use of the addressee named above. You may be exposed to legal liability if you disclose this information to another person. You are obligated to maintain this information in a safe and secure manner.
If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or other use of the contents of this faxed information is strictly prohibited. Notify the sender immediately by telephone to arrange for return of the documents to us.

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