Our commitment to quality

Kaiser Permanente approaches clinical quality differently from most traditional insurance companies, hospitals, and clinicians. Our model of coordinated care places the patient at the center.

We are a national leader in providing consistently high-quality care. It doesn't stop when a member's primary care provider or personal physician refers them to a consultative specialist, physical therapist, pharmacist, visiting nurse, or other provider. The integration of health care services and health plan coverage offers special opportunities to improve clinical quality.

Quality service

We're committed to serving the health care needs of all of our members in the most caring, effective, and service-oriented ways possible.

We expect you, as our partners, to provide excellent service in your interactions with our members. We also expect you and your staff to cooperate with our dispute resolution process and to be familiar with our members' rights and responsibilities.

Code of conduct

Kaiser Permanente's Ethics and Compliance Program formalizes Kaiser Permanente's commitment to conducting its business with integrity and complying with all appropriate standards, laws, and regulations. It sets the ethical tone for work performed at Kaiser Permanente and provides a framework for reporting and addressing instances of known or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct. The Code serves as an important foundation for Kaiser Permanente's Compliance and Ethics Program. It is intended to provide an ethical roadmap to help Kaiser Permanente and our partners act with the highest level of integrity.

We expect you, as our partners, to share our commitment to maintaining the highest integrity in everything we do. We appreciate your efforts to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other program requirements. If you learn of a situation where you feel that an action by Kaiser Permanente may not be in compliance with its Code of Conduct or applicable laws and regulations, please contact the Office of Compliance and Ethics.

Use the Compliance hotline for reporting suspected code violations.


We are committed to a policy of non-interference with a health care professional's advice to or advocacy on behalf of our members when the provider is acting within the scope of his or her practice. If you wish to report or discuss suspected violations of this policy, contact the Ethics and Compliance Office.

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