Research and outreach

Kaiser Permanente invests in the community through medical research and charitable activities. The Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and Group Health Foundation work — often together — to enhance our members' care and to increase the medical community's knowledge about health care issues.

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

The mission of the institute is to improve health and health care for everyone through leading-edge research, innovation, and dissemination.

Visit Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute for more information about Kaiser Permanente's research activities.

Group Health Foundation

The Group Health Foundation raises money and invests in patient care at Kaiser Permanente and community health programs. The foundation, with the support of its 6,000 donors, awards grants to support Kaiser Permanente in providing the best care for its members and creating better health in our communities. All Foundation programs are made possible by generous donors who give to thank their care teams and to invest in the mission and values of Kaiser Permanente.

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