Provider Update

This quarterly newsletter reports on business and clinical news, including a summary of clinical updates, continuing education opportunities, and drug formulary updates. Newsletters are available online for one year.

December 2020 (PDF)

Highlights include:

  • Introducing new networks, plans, and initiatives for 2021
  • New VerifyHCP® clinician directory verification panel
  • Changes to our Women's Health payment policy
  • COVID-19 Household Prevention program resources available to our members
  • Recent letters to providers
  • New and updated payment policies
  • Tips on how to navigate the prescription drugs prior authorization process
  • Acupuncture Medicare benefit for chronic low back pain
  • Updated ASCVD prevention guidelines
  • 2021 summary of opioid prescribing edits
  • Kaiser Permanente 2021 drug formularies

September 2020 (PDF)

Highlights include:

  • Authorization upgrade launches
  • Updates for the 2020-21 flu season
  • Cardiology care updates for Spokane
  • New and updated payment policies
  • Kaiser Permanente walk-in pharmacy opens in Bellingham
  • Digital breast tomosynthesis improves cancer detection and reduces recalls for most women
  • Tobacco and nicotine cessation guideline updated
  • New monitoring requirements for chronic opioid therapy
  • Colorectal cancer screening guideline updated
  • Acute opioid prescribing updates
  • Kaiser Permanente 2020 drug formularies

June 2020 (PDF)

Highlights include:

  • An important message from Greg Adams, Chairman and CEO
  • New referrals and authorization improvement launch date
  • Tips on how to navigate the prescription drugs prior authorization process
  • Ways to contact the Pharmacy Drug Benefit Help Desk
  • Language services and accessibility requirements
  • New chronic obstructive pulmonary disease guideline available
  • Chronic opioid therapy safety guideline updated
  • Kaiser Permanente 2020 drug formularies

March 2020 (PDF)

Highlights include:

  • New provider site tools launching this spring
  • Kaiser Permanente Washington awards and recognition
  • Approval and denial authorization notification methods
  • Kaiser Permanente opens new medical center in Smokey Point
  • Kaiser Permanente expands nutrition counseling services
  • Why should your patients use mail order for their prescriptions from a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy?
  • 2020 drug formularies