Mental health, including addiction and recovery

Kaiser Permanente has engaged Magellan Healthcare to manage several components of our HMO, POS, PPO, and Medicare provider networks for outpatient mental health and substance use disorders services. Magellan will support connecting our patients to care, credentialing our existing network providers, and maintaining up-to-date provider practice data.

Kaiser Permanente will continue to maintain the contracting activities.

Effective July 1, 2020, Magellan will:

  • Perform recredentialing activities for most of Kaiser Permanente's outpatient mental health and wellness providers whose current credentialing expires on or after September 1, 2020
  • Manage provider recruitment and initial credentialing* for all new mental health and wellness outpatient providers and new practitioners joining existing contracted provider groups
  • Coordinate new patient referrals, connecting external network providers who have available appointments to patients for their initial outpatient appointment
  • Remind you to validate the accuracy of your practice information, specifically your appointment availability and ability to accept new patients via the Magellan website

*Once credentialing is complete, Kaiser Permanente will contract directly with you as a provider.


  • Magellan will contact you directly (by phone or email) to schedule appointments for new referrals. If Magellan contacts you, it means the member is authorized for treatment.
  • You will need to communicate directly with Magellan to change or confirm information about your practice.
  • Magellan will contact you regarding recredentialing at the appropriate time.

What is NOT Changing

  • Your contract remains with Kaiser Permanente. You will still follow our provider manual for billing, claims, etc.
  • Kaiser Permanente will continue to manage authorizations, re-authorizations, and billing.

For further information, visit the Magellan website or call Magellan at 1-800-788-4005.