Provider assistance unit

The Provider Assistance Unit (PAU) addresses the benefit and claims-related questions and concerns of providers. Providers may contact the PAU for help with:

  • Member benefits, coverage, and eligibility
  • Claims questions
  • Claim reconsideration status
  • Remittance statements
  • Referral status

Before contacting the PAU, we recommend the following:

  • Make sure all staff in your office are registered OneHealthPort users, and use Kaiser Permanente's online business tools for eligibility inquiries, referral requests and status, and claims status.
  • If you cannot find a referral inquiry online, contact our Review Services Department toll-free at 1-800-289-1363.
  • For questions about our health plans, see Comparison of Kaiser Permanente plans. For more detailed information, see Kaiser Permanente plans on
  • For a list of Kaiser Permanente member ID cards, see Identifying members.

If you still have a question, please call the Provider Assistance Unit toll-free at 1-888-767-4670.