Referrals and authorizations support tools

We have launched several new tools for you to check patient eligibility, submit authorization requests, and look up CPT codes. The following tools will help you as you navigate our new system:

Getting ready
Quick start guide - contracted providers
Quick start guide - non-contracted providers
Referral letters
Secure provider portal user guide
Affiliate link user guide (Referral/Authorization Tool)
Mental Health & Wellness Providers - Affiliate Link FAQ
Job aid - Utilizing chart access
Job aid - Requesting elevated chart access
Job Aid - How to Add a Patient to Your Patient List, updated 8-27-20
Job aid - How to order a procedure
Job aid - Importance of Provider Finder tool
Job aid - Procedure notification
Job aid - Referral by Member Search
Job aid - Requesting a Referral Extension
Job aid - Sending a Referral Message
Job aid - Mental Health & Wellness Providers - Requesting Authorizations via Referral/Order Entry (Not for ABA Providers)
Job aid - Mental Health and Wellness - Chem Dep Facilities - Requesting Authorizations via Manual-Exception Referral Entry
Auto-Authorizations tip sheet